Sport Studio Design

The Process

Our specialist team of heating and humidity consultants will guide you seamlessly through the set-up process.

Initially we will ask that our Hot Yoga Studio Information Form be filled in and returned back to us.

On receipt of this we will perform the following calculations:

Heat Loss Output

We measure where the heat could be lost, how much power is needed to heat the room, and what areas can be modified to reduce the heat loss.

Humidity Duty

We measure the required level of humidity (kg/hr) needed to maintain levels of humidity between 40-60% r.H. (the comfort level for humans).

From these calculations we will put together a full proposal for you. This will include product selection and the cost of supply and installation.

Should our proposal be suitable, and should you wish to go ahead, we will then make a site visit to confirm the specifications and our calculations. During this period we can also provide calculations on running costs and a layout of the equipment should it be required.

Following confirmation of our visit a payment will then be required to begin the process of ordering equipment. For projects we are installing we request 50% of the project value in advance and 50% on completion. On supply only projects the full project amount is required in advance.

From point of payment works will begin, or goods will be delivered, within 2-4 weeks.

How It Works

Step 1

Send in your completed Hot Yoga Studio Information Form.

Step 2

We provide a proposal based on the information provided.

Step 3

Review our proposal and arrange a site visit.

Step 4

Give us the go-ahead and installation will take place within 2-4 weeks.

Step 5

Start using your hot studio!


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