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Whilst non-glow and noise free infrared heaters are used to achieve the required temperature, a ventilation system and steam humidifier are also both necessary to maintain a safe and comfortable environment.

By using these three combined your hot yoga studio will be programmed to heat and maintain anywhere up to 42˚C with a humidity level of between 40-60% rH.

Infrared Heating

Infrared Heaters are attached to the ceiling and radiate energy downwards towards people, the floor and the surrounding walls. This transfer of radiant energy is absorbed and reflected around the room to create a constant high temperature.

The heat we experience from them is the same as when standing in the sun. Our bodies absorb the infrared waves and experience them as heat – this being the more natural form of heat most comfortable for the human body.

Using infrared heating when practicing yoga can be very beneficial. The infrared waves penetrate deep into your muscles allowing them to warm and feel suppler more quickly. This not only allows you to move into deeper stretches earlier but also helps prevent injury.


Ventilation within the studio is essential as without it you may find that students struggle to breath in the hot humid conditions or even suffer from heat stroke.

The necessary ventilation is ideally achieved using a heat recovery ventilation system. The unit reduces overall energy costs by extracting stale air and recovering the heating (without contamination) to warm the incoming fresh air.

Where using a heat recovery ventilation system is not possible other forms of ventilation such as intake and extract fans can be used.


Humidity levels within the studio are also very important.

By installing a steam humidifier it replenishes the humidity lost by the heating and maintains the correct levels in the winter months when humidity levels tend to drop.

When the correct humidity levels are not present your clients may complain that they are not sweating enough or that the studio doesn’t feel hot enough. This is because although the studio is hot the air is dry and sweat is evaporated more easily making it feel cooler.


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